I loathe corruption in government, and despise those who corrupt it. Sorry about that. NOT!

In late July, 2014, I knew nothing about the public Martinez except that his reputation around county government was that of a less-than-driven worker. I soon came to understand how gross of an understatement that was. I soon learned that he was and is the laziest person I have ever worked around. By far. Of The Lackey I knew nothing at all.

It was when I found that the stench wafting from the department records, the stench of fraud and corruption, was tied directly and singularly to Martinez, that I began to look into it. That perusal led down the trail to this point.

The Lackey I came to perceive as basically an oily, toadying place holder, but who, under strong oversight would have had a useful quality or two. I actually used to defend him on that score when no one else had anything good to say about him. Why then, did he make the decision to become the wing boy of corruption? Weakness of character and the lust for personal gain are the obvious, yet most likely explanation.

I believe the deal was struck early that he become Martinez’ toad in return for him moving to Assessor when Martinez moved to Commissioner. That would explain why, in February, 2015, he changed his Party affiliation from R to D. That would explain why, in the month or two before he moved from co-worker to wing boy of corruption he constantly trailed after Martinez so closely that one wag observed that if Martinez ever stopped suddenly Lackey would disappear up his butt.

So it was that, when Martinez swore an oath, with fingers double-crossed behind his back, to faithfully fulfill the office of County Assessor, the two shortly had run me out of there because I was too honest and hard-working to fit into Team Fraud. Yet those same two brainiacs somehow figured that I would just whimper off into the night and never be heard from again. While I have admitted, and do candidly admit that, if left alone and left up to me I would have already been long gone and hard to find, when that option was torn from me it left me with nothing better to do than what I am doing. I believe that would qualify as the irony of stupid people unable to see the unintended consequences of their own actions.

During that last stint in county government I was shocked to see that dereliction of duty and contempt for sworn oaths of office were the rule rather than the exception among elected officials. It was a place where the sleazy were allowed, even encouraged, to thrive and prosper, at taxpayer expense it must be noted, while the honest and hard-working were tossed to the curb. I don’t know that things have changed much since then. I will say, however, that of the three incumbents running this year, to my knowledge at least, the Treasurer and the Clerk and Recorder run honest departments. The Assessor most certainly does not, else I would not be a candidate.     

                                     The Lies a Liar Lies

A deconstruction of some of the lies which the compulsive behavior of Martinez’ demand from him.

                                    Takin’ It To The Streets

A somewhat abridged version of this piece (to fit onto two pages) is what I will be taking to the streets as I ramble the county talking to voters.






My Newspaper Profile – The Uncensored Version

The five questions.  1)Walk us through the assessment of an imaginary residential property in Leadville/Lake County. What do you look for and what factors go into your determination of value? 2) What three things should voters know about what a county assessor does? 3) How do you maintain familiarity with the local real estate market? 4. What methods of dealing with staff make or will make you a successful supervisor? 5) Tell us something about you and your beliefs that is relevant to your serving as assessor.




 A History – Part I

Here, in Three Parts plus Appendix, is what I saw right in front of me when last I worked in the Lake County Assessor Office, and what I have since learned about its hows and wherefores. A few others have seen it with their own eyes too, and many more know about it, but at this time there seems to be no one in Lake County government who believes that doing the right thing is the only thing to do. That will need to change, either internally or by vote, or Lake County is committed to government of, by and for a self- anointed elite, and a corrupt one at that.


A History – Part II

 A History – Part III (w.Appendix)



3 Horses

Technical & Timeline – Part I

This section, again in three parts, gives a brief, and hopefully understandable, explanation of the corrupting of the Lake County Assessor Office by the fraud and his lackey who now further that corruption by their mere presence.

Technical & Timeline – Part II





Technical & Timeline – Part III







Background & Beliefs


More detail than any other candidate in your experience has dared to provide, and with most of them for good reason. If the electorate demanded the same from every candidate the number of charlatans in government would experience a precipitous decline.