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Commentary outside of or only indirectly bearing on my campaign. Some will, however, connect local to national and back again. I pass along what I learn from, and what I think in a Big Picture view.

10/24  Arnold Ahlert on the race to the bottom in the name of Diversity. A couple of other excellent pieces in the past few days from my categories of Obamaoism and The Great Brainwashing are the following: From Ben Stein on how the Nazis started. David Limbaugh, on the real partisans. Ahlert again, on the Democrat/”progressive” mob. And Limbaugh again, on the very, very, very deep sickness which now defines the Democrat Party.

10/12 Arnold Ahlert – As noted on the Home page, today’s piece by Ahlert is an example of why I place him at the very top of writers today. It connects in significant fashion with FYI below. Does the guy ever sleep? The range of sources he constantly displays in his writing is awe-inspiring.

Keeping on the subject of elites, below is a rather long quote from my other favorite writer, Kurt Schlicter. While their writing styles differ tremendously, he and Ahlert share an awareness so incisive, so far above the witless inanity that so ludicrously calls itself Progress, that I bookmark almost everything either of them writes. The quote:

“. . . is it too much to ask that our elite actually be elite? Is it too much to ask that we have one standard of accountability?

The liberals are right about something – privilege is destroying our country. But it’s not privilege based on what hellhole your great-great-great grandfather escaped from or the kind of biological plumbing you were born with. It is privilege based on your membership in a selfish, feckless, unaccomplished caste of schmucks that fancies itself our betters yet rejects, with the help of a complicit liberal press, any kind of accountability for the mess it’s made of everything.

You know why you got Trump? Because Donald Trump, with all his quirks, is exponentially more competent, capable, and trustworthy when it comes to running this country for the benefit of Normal Americans than the sorry collection of Ivy League-credentialed dimwits, progressive poohbahs, and Fredocon enablers that masquerades as America’s elite.”

” . . we’re tired of being scammed, lectured, and condescended to by a class of betters who are many things, but “better” is not one of them.”

Note: Fredocon is Schlicter’s invention for NeverTrump Republicans.


                                10/9 Letter to the Editor  Deranged to Insanity 

Letter to the Editor The Goal of Socialism is Communism

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Answer to a Letter to Editor which could have served as a case study in The Great Brainwashing. You can probably get the gist of it from this response.


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