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11/24: You Heard It Here First: From the recent election I am cleaning up a few loose ends by connecting some of the dots. I was told that many eyebrows were raised around the Lake County courthouse when K. Marcella announced her candidacy for Commissioner, as she had resigned from the Finance Director position a couple of years previously claiming to be sick of the environment. Why, then, run for Commissioner? Ah, this is where the dots connect to explain all. She, you see, is a buddy of the corrupt to the core County Assessor, Con Artist Martinez. His plan had been to run for Commissioner this year. That was sidelined when I announced my intention to oppose and expose him and his thoroughly corrupt operation, while his equally corrupt lackey was to run for Assessor as his replacement. That was why said equally corrupt lackey had changed his party affiliation from “R” to “D” early in 2015. However, when I announced that I would run on a platform of honesty, transparency and desperately needed reform of the Assessor Office, Con Artist Martinez was told by his Svengalis that he would have to run for Assessor, depending, of course on the abject gullibility and stupidity of the majority of Lake County voters rather than a defense of his conduct throughout his time in Lake County government, to emerge victorious.

Thus, it became imperative that someone run for what he undoubtedly considers his rightful position as Commissioner, as a mere placeholder, until an indecent interval passes when his buddy resigns under some spurious excuse and Martinez  can  be named as his replacement by the remaining Commissioners. That was why his buddy, after most probably some panicked, emergency meetings, was designated as placeholder to preempt someone else from announcing a candidacy, someone who would run with the intention of serving out the entire term.

That scenario brings up some interesting backroom wheeling and dealing. The Svengali of the LC Democrat Party has only 1 1/2 tools among the current Commissioners. How then to convert that hanging chad of a possibly rogue 1/2 Commissioner into a pliant tool? Make a deal of course. If necessary, in return for that 1/2 Commissioner going along with the plan, someone other than the loyal, butt-kissing lackey be named to the Assessor position. Not, of course, an honest person, but someone who will look the other way why the long-running corruption of that office continues on its merry way.

What, then, does this mean? Well, first off if this is the scenario which comes to pass it will mean that the Lake County Democrat Party ran a thoroughly specious, fraudulent election, deliberately passing off a placeholder as a legitimate candidate when it would have been known among at least the poohbahs of that Party that the fix was in long before any vote was cast. They could do that because as I have noted elsewhere, this is The Age Of the Bamboozled Democrat, and to vote for Democrats in a “progressive” society is almost always to vote with mind-boggling stupidity.

More interesting even than that is how an absolute dolt like Martinez can possibly imagine that his doltishness will not make itself quickly apparent to all when he cannot hide at home, getting paid to do nothing because the majority of the Lake County electorate is too stupid and arrogantly ignorant to figure him out.

11/17: Thank You

This is to relate my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the 800 intelligent adults who cast their votes for me in the recent election. You are a credit to Lake County. Unfortunately for you your superior understanding, which marks you as the elite of the electorate, will no more mean that your property values will be determined by law and recognized procedure than will those of the frivolous, simple-minded and hidebound. Many of the property voters among that 2000 would have been aiming to strike out at me by their opposed votes. Actually, however, all they have done is to pummel their own faces into swollen pulp. File under, Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

          For the past four years I have done more for honest, transparent government in Lake County than everyone else combined. Four years ago the county powers-that-be decided that those were qualities which they had no wish to see in the County Assessor. Now the general electorate has said the same. While I did not expect to emerge the winner here, I ran anyway so that when the lovingly-nurtured buzzards of the electoral choices of Lake County voters come home to roost, as they inevitably will, later if not sooner, there is no voter in this county at present who can truthfully say, “Oh. I didn’t know.” Anyone who doesn’t know doesn’t wish to, simple as that.

          There is much that is sadly pathetic about an electorate so frivolous, so feckless, and yes, so brain-numbed stupid that it continually votes charlatanism and chicanery into government and then expects to be treated with honesty and respect by that government. So henceforth I will leave such electorate alone to pat themselves on the back and to wallow in pretentious, unfounded arrogance while its electoral buzzards grow and prosper, though if I am so unfortunate as to still be here when someone decides to take a valuation protest to court or the BAA I will be happy to assist their case.

          So again, thank you 800 intelligent adults, and good luck to you. I say Good Luck because when your private interests intersect the private interests of the current LCAO, which has no public interests, and is protected by the BOCC, luck is all you will have on your side.

          Now what then? Probably nothing is my guess. I have done my duty here dozens of times over and now have done all I can do. I have put a great deal of time over the last four years into caring more about Lake County than the majority of its voters care about it in total, and now I need to focus on caring about myself. If anyone else, or a group of such, desire something other than the continuation of full-throttle corruption from the Lake County Assessor and his equally corrupt lackey they are going to have to pick up the ball and run forward with it. That will require a degree of fortitude and courage which, quite frankly, I doubt exists in this county.

          Unfortunately for the 800 intelligent voters, 2000 voters have decided that the garbage which is the main product of the LCAO, as extensively detailed by me and DISPUTED BY NO ONE, will continue to pour forth. That means that in the next year the defining indolence (to Democrats, that means laziness) of that office, which manifests itself in fraud and fakery, will compile three more false certificates of valuations to be presented to county and state. By state law, all of them will be felonies, the same as the twelve from the previous four years. Another thoroughly bogus property revaluation will also be foisted upon county property owners, intelligent and vapid alike. 

          Felony piled upon felonies will continue to pour forth, but who cares? The previous Assessor, the previous, present and future BOCC, the Lake County Democrat Party, and 2000 head-up-their-butt voters certainly don’t. To them, felonious government is good government when it is Democrat felony. And then they wonder how I can possibly say they are the agents of a deeply sick and rapidly sickening Party and society. 

          The options remaining, as I see them, are these:

1) Resign yourselves to being governed by corruption and the corrupt. This is the most likely.

2) Bring individual suits against the corruption and the corrupt. Good move, but probably futile and expensive to boot, and even if successful would probably not be generally applicable.

3) Demand indictment for gross and persistent felonious conduct from the District Attorney. Good luck with that. The DA is a Democrat and in this deeply sick and rapidly sickening society (thank you, social parasites of leftist academia and your creation of a society where for the first time in history the university educated are, in general, the most deplorably ignorant members) a symptom of that sickness is that Democrats do not indict Democrats. Hell, Democrats do not even investigate Democrats except to provide whitewashing cover-up through false exoneration.

4) A class-action lawsuit against Lake County targeting the corrupt and their corruption. Though aiming internally at the Assessor I believe it would have to name Lake County. This is probably the best option. Costs could be shared among many, and a $10,000,000 to $20,000,000 judgment against the county would not only be fair and just but might even get some thoroughly ensconced heads extricated from the deep and dark caverns where they currently are stowed.